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Homelink Secure is a number of protocols that are used to transfer data concerning medication between elderly care institutions,  and their medical doctors and pharmacies. These are XML files, transferred via eHealthBox. This is a secured platform, provided by the Belgian authorities that can only be used by healthcare actors (organisations and individual persons). It guarantees the privacy for all patients.

The Homelink protocols are the standard for the Belgian market and are validated by eHealth. They are used by almost every elderly care and pharma software package. 

The following protocols are provided:

  • Orderlink: this is the medicationorder, sent from the elderly care institution to the pharmacy
  • Invoicelink: this is the invoice in order to import the amount per resident, sent from the pharmacy to the elderly care institution 
  • Doselink: this is  the list of the medication that has to be prepared by the pharmacy (by a robot or manually), sent from the elderly care institution to the pharmacy
  • Therapylink: this is the detailed medicationschedule per resident, sent from the elderly care institution to the pharmacy
  • Stocklink: this is the medicationstock in the pharmacy (robot or manually system), sent from the pharmacy to the elderly care institution
  • Formularylink: this is bidirectional data transfer in order to synchronise the formulary which has been agreed upon by the pharmacy and the elderly care institution.
  • NEW: Recip-e for elderly care institutions: this is the prescription-request and -validation to be sent between a medical doctor and the elderly care institution 


The Homelink protocols are defined by the Homelink workgroup. This workgroup consists of stakeholders and software vendors from all involved healthcare actors. On a semi-annual basis they discuss if new protocols are to be added and if changes are to be made to the existing ones. Once validated, the protocols will be published on this site.

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